Amirudadaula Public Library, Kaiserbagh, Lucknow
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Amir Khushru Faiz Ahamad Faiz meer
Amir Khusru Faiz Ahamad Faiz Meer
Jos Maliha Badi Asad ullah Khan Ghalib Dr. Mohd. Iqdal
Jos Maliha Badi Asad Ullah Khan Ghalib Dr. Mohd. Iqdal
Hasrat Rohani Ibrahim Zauq Meer Anis
Hasrat Rohani Ibrahim Zauq Meer Anis
Tulsi Das Firaq Gorakhpuri Sadat Hasan Manto
Tulsi Das Firaq Gorakhpuri Sadat Hasan Manto
List of Avadh English Books
Tarikh Badshah Begum, Ahmed-Muhammad
Tarikh avadh, Shahiya-a-Neshapuria
Annals of the Indian Rebellion
Guide to Lucknow, Beg
Eight months campaign
Day by day at Lucknow - Case,Adelaide
Punjab and Delhi in 1857 - Cave Brown J.
Civil rebellion in Indian mutiny
Administration of Avadh
Chikankari of Lucknow
Defence of Lucknow
Letters on India
Service and Adventure with the Khaku Ressalah or Meerut Volunteer Horse, during the Mutinies of 1857
Colin Campbell
Marian-A story of the Indian mutiny of 1857
Incidents of the Sepoy war 1857-58
Letters written during the Siege of Delhi
Narrative of the Siege of Delhi
An account of the muinies in Avadh and of the Lucknow residency
Palace culture of Lucknow
Narrative of a journey through the upper provinces of India from Calcutta to Bombay
Narrative of a journey through the upper provinces of India
Memories of Faizabad-Hoey,William
Glimpsis of te revolution in Avadh-Hussain,Sabhiuddin
The street singers of Lucknow and other stories-Hyder Qurratulain
Indian Mutiny
Visit to Lucknow-Irwin,Lady
Administration of the Mughal Empire-Istiag Hussain Qureshi
Images of Lucknow-Faquir Roshan
Recollections of a writer campaign in India 1857-58-Jones, Catp. Oliver J.
A fatal friendship: the Nawabs, the British and the City of Lucknow-Jones, Rosie Llewellyn
Engaging Scournarels: Truetales of old Lucknow-Jones, Rosie Llewellyn
Lucknow then and Now-Jones, Rosie Llewellyn
Classic cooking of Avadh-Karlra, Jiggs
History of Sepoy war in India-Kaye
Nawab Nasir-ud-din Haider of Avadh-Kinighton, William
Lawrence of Lucknow-Lawrence, John
List of Taluqdars in Avadh corrected upto 31st July 1930
Dacoit in execsis or the opoliation of Avadh by the East India Company-Lucas Samuet
Rise of the British domination in India-Lyall
My dear Nawab Saheb-Lynton, Harrier
From London to Lucknow-Mackays
Indian Mutiny in perspective-Macmunn,George
Sepoy mutiny and the revolt of 1857-Majumdar,R.C.
Indian Mutiny-Malleton,Colon
Indian mutiny of 1857-Malleson, Colonel C.B.
Memories of Major General Henry Havelock-Marshman,John Clark
Observations on the mussulmaans on India-Meer Hasan Ali
Fields of farmers in Avadh-Mukherjee, Radha Kamal
Awadh in Revolt 1857-1858-Mukherjee, Rudrangshu
Spectre of violence-Mukherjee, Rudrangshu
Ordeal 1857-Mujeeb,M
Avadh-Narman, Henry Wylie
Jane Alam aur Mehek Pari-Nusrat Naheed
Making of Colonial Lucknow-Oldenburg, Veena Talwar
Avadh-Open letter to Lord Curzon
Campaign in India 1857-58-Outram's
Camp and Contonment a Journal of life in India-Paget Lepold Paget
Papers relating to the affairs of Quele
Memoir of the Rew Henry Polehampton-Polehampton
Mutinies in Rajpootana-Priehard, Ildudus Thomas
Sources on Avadh-Quishi,Hamid Afaq
Mughal the English and the rulers of Awadh from 1722AD to 1856AD-Quishi,Hamid Afaq
Nawab Wazid Ali Khan Life and Career [1780-1817]-Quishi,Hamid Afaq
Reminiseenees of the Indian Mutiny and Afganistan-Edward Thaekeray
Story of cawnpore-Thomas Mowbray
Personal adventures and experience of a magistrate-Mark Tharnhill
Timely retreet or a year in Bengal before the mutinies-Two sisters
U.P. Government of Lucknow
Wajid Ali Shah and monuments of Avadh
The timely retreet from India before the mutinies-Wailance, Dunlop
Memorial of Fattehgarh Mission-Welsh, Johnston J.
Wazir Ali Khan-Qureshi H.A.
Flickers of an Independent Nawab
Lucknow:The last phase of an oriental culture
An empire of books-Stork Ulrike
Lucknow memories of a city-Graff Violette
The Great Mutiny India 1857-Hibbert Christopher
A handbook for Visitor to Lucknow-Keena H.G.
The life and time of nawabs of Lucknow-Ravi Bhatt
The trial of Bahadur Shah Zafar-Nayar Pramod K
Sham-e-avadh-Oldenburg, Veena Talwar
White Mughals-Dalrymple William
Lucknow City of Illusion-Jones Rosie Llewellyn
Pictorial Lucknow-Mukherjee,R.C.
Historic Lucknow-Hay Sidney
Claude Martin in early Colonial India
Master Plan for Lucknow
Notes on the revolt in the North Western provience-Raikes Charles
Reportoire on Wajid Ali Shah and monuments of Avadh-Raza Sikander
Forty one years in India-Roberts
Letters written during the Indian Mutiny-Roberts Fred
Lucknow 1857 (The wars of Lucknow the Duser and Era)-Roshan Taqui
Chaplains Narrative of the seige of Delhi-Rotton
Recollections of a Lucknow veteran 1845-1876-Ruggliant
Umrao Jan Ada-Ruswa,Mirza Mohommad Hadi
Taluqdari Settelmentation Avadh-Sarvadjikari, Rajkumar
Lucknow and the world of Sarshan-Sarshan Pandit
Lucknow Omnibus-Sharar,Abdul Halim
Kathak-Shovana Narayan
Lady's Diary-Siege of Lucknow
Shahar-e-Lucknow-Singh,Pavan Kumar
Journey throughout the Kingdom of Avadh-Sleeman,W.H.
Avadh Shudauddulla-Srivastava,Ashishbadi Lal
Begum Hazaratmahal (Hindi)-Surendra Kant
Architecture of Lucknow and its independencies 1722-1856-Tandan,Banmali
What really happened during the mutiny-Taylor,P.J.O.
Vision of rebels during 1857-Samita Pandey
Lucknow Fire of Grace-Amrish Mishra
Monuments of Lucknow-Yogesh Praveen
Confession of a thug-Taylor Meadows
List of Avadh Hindi Books
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